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Railways bearing

Our bearings have a long history in Japan’s Shinkansen bullet trains, from the first 0 series right up to the latest sets. We supply Shinkansen trains with bearings using oil-bath lubrication and grease-sealed bearings. Since axle bearings are instrumental to train safety, we have equipped bearings with condition-monitoring sensors and put these into practical use.

In addition, our proprietary high-reliability tapered roller bearings have a long track record. Because drive units face harsh vibrations, these bearings undergo soft nitriding treatment to increase cage strength and feature specifications that improve seizure resistance on the rib face.

is also highly sensitive to needs in the industry. Trains are getting faster and faster. To maintain reliability at high speeds, we are developing cylindrical roller bearings with ribs specially designed for drive units that use double helical gears. In addition, we’ve developed specialized cages with excellent grease replenishment capabilities to meet requests for longer periods without maintenance. Damage caused by electric erosion is another big maintenance issue, yet here too we deliver solutions in the form of ceramic and resin insulated bearings.